What To Do If You Want To Be Banned For Your Social Network Marketing?

Obviously, you do not want to be banned from a social networking site. But, as we may all be blundering fools at times, it is true that we may accidentally get ourselves banned from a social network. It usually happens when you are trying to be edgy or different. It usually leads to you taking a risk that invariably has a user red flag your account, which then leads to you getting banned from the site. The methods for getting banned that are mentioned on here are not exclusive to one social media site. However, you will find that some sites are more tolerant of some things than others.

Incite or in some way proliferate terrorism:

This is even more of a big deal these days as most social media sites have some link to America, and the Americans are not very big fans of terrorists. To the point where lightly tanned people are now more likely to be stopped (at airports, in cars) than Hispanic and African American people. As the New York Times controversially said, Middle Easterners are the new blacks, in an article that notes that African Americans are now the third likely to be stopped in their car, below darker skinned Asian people and Middle Eastern people. In fourth place was the American Hispanic community, and in fifth place was the Caucasian community (but that is probably because there are so few of them in America these days). 

Anything that seemingly encourages terrorism is going to get you banned from the network. This even includes if you link to sites that may be used for bomb or weapon making. Even email accounts may now be cancelled if you make references to terrorist attacks (as if you are going to make them). So, to stay on the safe side, it is best to simply not mention terrorism at all.

Social Network Marketing

Naked pictures that cannot be interpreted as art and pornographic pictures:

As it said in the introduction, some sites are more tolerant than others. This is often true if the profile user gets to selectively pick who sees the pictures (like with Facebook). However, for a marketing campaign it is very risky having naked pictures. Just like with offline marketing, it is better to put the nudity with a more artistic slant. Pornographic marketing across the social media networks is pretty much banned across all of them.

This even includes if you are not marketing porn. For example, a pornographic scene advertising your orgasmically good chocolate is probably going to have your profile banned. If it shows explicit images then it is certainly going to get you banned unless you are on an adult social media site (if there are any, feel free to comment below). 

Pictures or videos of hardcore drug use:

Yes, you are right in believing that all forms of drug use reference, images and videos are not banned on social media. If you have a picture of you smoking a big fat reefer, there are few sites that are going to ban your profile. Quite why you would want such as picture on your social media site is another question. However, you will not be banned for it. You will be banned if you show pictures or videos of hardcore drug use. Any images or video of such is interpreted as an endorsement of its use and will have your profile banned.

Any endorsement of crime for non-entertainment purposes:

This is a very difficult issue, which is why so many social media sites have unclear guidelines on it. For example, you may do a post on how to pick a lock for criminal purposes, which will get your profile banned. But, you could give the same post for a security system testing program and it would be okay.

Some networks will ban your profile if there is a picture of you with a crow bar and a balaclava on saying I am just going robbing, but most will not. However, replace the crowbar with a gun and a lot of networks will ban you. However, put the character Bender from Futurama in the same picture, holding a gun or a crowbar, with the same line I am just going robbing and the picture will be seen as okay by all of the sites (go figure).

Pictures of child abuse or content that encourages it:

Why you would put this on a social media site does not bare thinking about, and it will have your site banned too. Sadly however the same rules do not apply for animal cruelty. You can show Halal meat being produced where the animal is hung upside down by its feet and bled to death for 45 minutes whilst it is alive so that a chant may be said by a Muslim preacher. However, you will find that some posts are often banned in poor taste. For example, if you show a video of you kicking a kitten to death on YouTube, your post itself will often be flagged by the other users and your post will be deleted, but your account will not be suspended.


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