When Was The Last Time You Backed Up Your Computer?

When was the last time you backed up your computer? Those who are tech savvy will probably back up their computers nearly every day. Some of us will do it ‘every now and then’ but an even larger number will have never backed up their computer at all. In fact, some of you are looking confused right now as if to say ‘Back it up?’ Never fear however, this quick guide will ensure you don’t lose everything saved on your computer.

Why do I need to back up my computer?

There are many reasons why you may need to back up your computer, depending on what you use it for. We all have something we would rather not lose on our laptops or computers, whether that be a whole load of work or just a few pictures of friends and family. If you don’t back up your computer and something were to go wrong, the chances are you will lose everything. Viruses that attack the hard drive can wipe everything clean and leave you with nothing. Your computer may just decide to give up one day and this can mean you lose your saved files too. Although you may think this will never happen to you, it is definitely better to be safe then sorry.

Cloud Computing as a Back Up

Cloud computing is one of the most popular ways that many individuals and small businesses back up their computers now. It involves an online storage system that will look after everything that is already stored on your computer. It is completely secure and can only be accessed by the people you specify, so there’s no risk of things going missing. As long as you have a way of getting on the internet then you will be able to access anything that is stored in that cloud. If you work on a regular basis on your computer, saving files and so on, you can set your computer to back up to the cloud every day, or even every hour!

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External Hard Drive

external hard disk

An external hard drive seems a bit of an old fashioned way to back up your computer now, but is still very popular. It tends to be more popular with individuals over businesses as only one person can use it at a time. You can back up your computer’s contents to your external hard drive whenever you feel it necessary, to ensure you don’t lose anything valuable. The only issue with an external hard drive is that if you drop it and it breaks, you are back to square. Not only that but it could be stolen, or lost, depending on if you take it out and about with you. If you just want some extra space for films, pictures and other media then this is probably the best option for you. However, you can see why many people now opt for cloud computing and other back up systems as opposed to external hard drives any more.

Backing up your computer may seem like an effort, especially the first time you ever do it, but it could save you so much time and upset. Leave your computer to back up over night if doing it for the first time and then make sure you keep it regularly updated so that it doesn’t take hours each time.

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