Where Did All The Tech Jobs Go

Six years ago, we were promised the most awesome revolution in technology. Naturally, to make that happen, you need jobs. Well, you would guess that you’d need jobs. If there’s all this tech out there, someone is manning the customer service department, right?

Well, unfortunately, those jobs never panned out. IBM has back-peddled on previous forecasts, along with Cisco, Oracle, and RIM. Take Oracle, for example. One of its bread-n-butter services was data management. But, technology actually skinned that cat. How? The ripples in the tech boom saw the rise of really very competitive cloud storage services.

Where, before, it was difficult to envision a hard drive-less society, that very idea seems to be on the horizon now. From Apple’s iCloud to Microsoft’s Sky Drive and everyone in between, it’s actually easier than ever to find even enterprise-level cloud storage. Even start-ups like Bitcasa are still making waves – even without the “unlimited storage” it originally promised.

So, how can Oracle compete now? It can’t. It’s looking to phase out its cloud service. And, this type of thing is happening all over the industry. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s a big company like IBM or a start up like Lockerz. Innovation rules, lacklustre products drool

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