Why Music Players Will One Day Be Completely Obsolete

Music is one of the more popular small industries in the world and will more than likely never disappear from culture throughout time.  The thing that is constantly changing is how it reaches the person’s ears.  Interestingly enough the popular way people do it today is by using radio waves just like they have always used, but the format and method of obtaining is changing in many ways.

Music On Smartphones:

Music is most effective when it is able to be accessed by any person at any point in time easily.  Most people have down time throughout their day or a time when they want to put in some ear buds or headphones and listen to some music for a while.  Music players are the perfect accessory to make this happen, but when people do not have much storage space to carry things around, carrying a cell phone and a music player together is just impractical.  This is where smart phones have made their way into people’s lives, but today companies are changing their approach.

Using More Servers And The Internet:

music on smartphones


Whereas at one time having the most storage space possible was necessary, today a lot of information is offloaded to a server and streamed over the Internet.  This means someone can literally have access to a near complete catalog of every song and artist ever created without actually having to store all of it on their device.  At one time this was not practical, but today’s 4G connections offer a web experience much like a home cable Internet connection in every way.  They are so fast that “streaming” a song literally means starting immediately and downloading the entire thing in one to two seconds.  This means areas with good LTE coverage will almost never experience a dropout in connection or any issues when trying to load or stream practically anything.  Even fully uncompressed 1080p movies with full surround sound can be streamed by these devices, and they are only getting faster as the technology develops.

Still The Same Accessories:

Although the players themselves are being integrated into the cell phone along with some significant differences, the accessories for the player continue to be exactly the same as they were before.  Colored iPod 4th gen covers and other awesome looking colored iPod covers were always necessary and continue to be for any smart phone device purchased.  High quality headphones or even wireless bluetooth headsets serve as a great means to listen on the go.  Car chargers along with other car accessories like mounts work great for docking when on the go, and some stereos even support an aux jack to plug into the phone.  Strangely screen protectors are no longer as important as they used to be because many screens are created out of gorilla glass.

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