Why Tags And Keywords Are Important For SEO

You’ve worked hard to complete your content. You have edited it twice to be sure there’re no errors, added dynamic pictures in just the right places, and gave it a great title but beforeyou publish it take a moment to carefully consider the right keywords in your headline and text. The average Internet reader is an unusually busy individual and with the wealth of information available at their fingertips they can afford to be selective, very selective. Why open ten articles if the first one provides them with just what they want? Make yours the one they open. This will only happen if you have the right keywords to define your article.

Have strong and defining keywords and tags 

Yahoo and Google list the most frequently searched terms. Before writing your article, check for the highest search terms in your topic so you could pepper these keywords and key phrases into your article. Add these terms as relevant tags to the article before publishing. Tags, more importantly should tell the reader what the content is about. Placing redundant tags in your post which have nothing to do with the article will not serve you or the reader. Giving only one descriptive word for your content may make your content slip between the cracks. Make sure you add synonyms and related phrases too. What would you type into your search panel if you were looking for information on how to take care of a hamster? Others are looking for the same terms. Think of your topic, think of your search terms, then use these as your tags.

Select your tags well when you network 

tags and keywords

Sharing your posts on social networking sites is a great way of improving your traffic. Some social networking sites give you the option of using tags with your submissions, so make full use of this advantage. Many times a reader will search for content on a networking site using tags in the search panel. Which tags apply to your content to help the reader to find you? Will they find you and your brand when they search for terms within your niche?

Keywords in comments become part of your content

Good comments are essential to your content. Tags and keywords used in comments also add to your SEO, so always make sure you do your friends a favour and comment sensibly. Sometimes comments can even show up in search results pages if they fully relate to the search term. There are a couple of ways you can encourage your readers to leave comments: ask specific questions, or give them a link back to their sites in the comment panel. We all love free stuff, especially if we’re being given backlinks to our sites.

Many SEO pundits have blogged about the importance of keywords and tags. However, you don’t truly understand how to use them until you’ve studied your clientele and target audience. Do surveys (or simply ask them in a blog post) to find out what they want from you, what they’re looking for on your blog and the answers they need from you. Once you’ve worked this out your keywords will become clear.

What other tips can you share about using tags and keywords?

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