Why You Need To Choose Magento platform

One can easily sum up the benefits or plus points of the Magento platform for ecommerce websites. Flexibility, versatility, customization, cost savings, ease of use, vast extensions marketplace, ease and simply code and modular design. In short, Magento is everything that developer and ecommerce business owner could ask for! Magento is open source platform which is very different from many other open source platforms. For one, it has an extremely simple code structure and developers love using Magento for their website designing tasks simply because it helps them work in a very clean and concise fashion. There are no cumbersome, numerous and complex codes to go through.

The Magento software also goes through plenty of updates very frequently which means that the developer can implement the absolute latest version whenever he gets the opportunity to work on a Magento website. These updates are also hugely easy to install. They do not take too much of time. At the end of the day, Magento scores over most ecommerce platforms for its customization capability. Take for instance, the interface of the software. It enables the developer to use all the features of the Magento platform to create exactly the kind of website that the business owner wants.

magento platform

GoMage ProCart is a huge player in the Magento Ajax cart extension marketplace. This software comes in the Community, Professional and Enterprise editions and makes it exceedingly simple for customers to manage their shopping carts and does away with the necessity of reloading their pages. Customers can simply continue to conduct their shopping experience even as they decide on changing quantities of their orders and remove products from the shopping cart page. For the business owner, the GoMage ProCart offers the capability of ease of file uploads. There is also the very useful feature of customizing ajax activity indicator and changing the ajax loader image in the administrative panel.

If you ask the customers who have used the websites that are driven by the Magento platform, then they will tell you how interactive and swift their shopping experience has been.The one thing that will always appeal to a shopper is the ease with which they can buy their products. Even if they are interested in browsing through the many pages of information pertaining to the products they seek, this browsing should be conducted swiftly and that is something the Magento cart offers. Apart from the product search, customers also can enjoy the fact that they can request the website to process multiple shipping addresses and use multiple payment portals.

Magento also helps the customer in enjoying continuity of the shopping exercise. For instance, if a customer is going through the checking out process and wants to order some other product then he or she can simply check their orders and edit the same from wherever they are. They do not have to leave the checkout that is already in progress and waste precious time. For the business owner, Magento offers search engine optimization capabilities. This includes uploading product data files from multiple Magento stores and the provision of permanent URLs to the search engines that the company deals with.

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