Why Your Business Should Use Google Plus

Many online businesses have ridden along with the popularity of social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to gain more web exposure. With Google Plus fast emerging and even ambitiously touted as the Facebook killer, it’s no wonder many businesses are now making use of Google’s take on social networking. At the latest count, Google Plus has surpassed the hundred millionth mark in terms of the number of users. And, this staggering number can only get better as time goes on. The huge web prominence and many other features are the reasons why Google Plus should not be overlooked by your business.

It’s no secret that Google has the most dominant control over the search engine market share. The Google search engine continues to deliver thorough and relevant search results and provide innovative and cool features resulting in the trust of users searching the Internet for information. Because of this, it’s very important for your business to rank well within Google search results. Many search experts believe that Google gives favor to businesses that use Google Plus. It is also clear that posts included from a Google Plus business page are making it to the search engine results. This means more traffic for your business.

Here are a two of Google Plus features that are streamlined for business purposes:

Google Plus Circles

google plus business

This is one great business feature created by Google Plus as it allows you to get your contact list more organized.  You can create a circle of people from your family and friends, a circle of people from within your company, and more importantly a circle from your business clients and vendors. You can easily classify your target market according to facilitate better business marketing. This also gives you more control in sharing information to different groups of people.

Google Plus Hangouts

You can make use of Google plus Hangout to talk exclusively with your clients. With Google Plus Hangouts you can even engage in a videoconference with up to ten people. You can utilize this to host virtual meetings with your customers, business partners and employee.  Having more interactive communication with your clients will strengthen your business.

In addition, Google recently announced in an effort to integrate it’s social platform better with the other search results that it was going to replace Google Places with Google Plus local pages.  Therefore, it is especially important for local businesses to create a Google Plus page since it is estimated that one in every four results are local.

Finally, by creating a Google Plus page you are reaching a new audience and giving them access to information about your company.  You want to make sure that you fill out as much information as possible about your company and why your company is different and what sets your company apart from your competition.  You want to also keep your Google Plus page updated with your latest blog posting and company videos.  In addition, you want to become a resource for your niche, so you want to make sure you link out to other articles and videos that can help your Google Plus followers.  You want to make it so when new users come to your Google Plus page they want to immediately follow your page because of the resources that you link out to.

Have the Google Plus button be a fixture in your web pages and get additional traffic to your Google Plus page. For every click of the button, you get an endorsement of your business that Google knows about. Time can only tell whether or not Google Plus can really live up to expectations. But for now, you should not let your business get left behind and get started with Google Plus today.


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