You Need Appropriate Web Hosting Services For Your Website

Web hosting is a process through which people publish their websites on the internet. Now as internet has shrunk the world into a compact system box web hosting has become a huge and profitable business. Web hosting Dubai is spread all over the world therefore web hosting in Dubai is also no exception.

There are many companies that offer web hosting in Dubai and rest of the Middle East and seeing the growth of the business in this region the business of web hosting is also accelerating at a rapid rate with number of organizations starting their own ventures in this segment of information technology industry.

In Dubai companies offer many different types of plans for website hosting and also for registration of domain. Among all the companies offering this service GCC UAE Hosting is considered to be the most popular one and considering their reputation they offer many varied services to their clients and customers. The best thing about the web hosting in Dubai is that web hosting is available on two different platforms that is Linux and Windows therefore it offers the independence to the client to work on two technologies and support their whole system accordingly. Registration of domain name is also offered along with the hosting service.

web hosting services

Customer is one of the key factor in the success of web hosting for any organization and here in Dubai it is available for all 365 days and that too on 24 hours and 7 days a week basis. This is very important for the continuation of the website on the internet and it also portrays a better image of the organization in the concerned business sector. The support is available through telephone and email. In some cases live customer support is also provided but this can be done only for minor problems and not for major ones.

The plans of web hosting and their prices in Dubai depend on the service offered in those plans. The start up plan is just for $9 for a month and it offers only the basic services like hard disk space of 500 MB and 5 GB of bandwidth per month. There is a control panel for the customer to modify their website according to their requirements. 10 email accounts are offered along with this plan. File transfer protocol service is also supported with this plan and the database technology used in this plan is Mysql.

Domain registration charges

Domain registration charges are extra that the customer is supposed to pay. They are approximately $13 for a year. The good thing about the web hosting in Dubai is that it is well secured by Server socket Layer certificates which is very important for the websites that deal in monetary transactions. Rest of the plans also have the same features except the fact that hard disk space, email accounts, bandwidth are all extended as per the plan bought by the customer. The prices of other plans are $16, $21, $50, $75. Still the most expensive plan is of $150 which is provided with a dedicated server so that full uptime is provided to the website and large number of people can log on the website simultaneously.

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