Top 10 Duplicate Content Checker Tools

Google and Bing/Yahoo are not fans of people who copy content. This is because copying the work of another person without their permission is an infringement of their copyright. Google and Bing/Yahoo do not have the time to check to see who has permission to use some content and who does not, so they class most forms of duplication as bad (except for legitimate sharing). Google have also made it clear that they do not like duplicate content because it does not offer any use for the user. Copying the content of another person is no better than changing the front cover of a book and publishing it again. 

What Google would like to avoid is a situation when people search for something, they look at the first result and read it, and then look at the second search result and see that it is the same as the first. If this started happening on a regular basis then people would start using other search engines to find their results. That is why Google has a very low tolerance for duplicate content. Here are ten online tools you can use to check for online content, but they are in no particular order.

1 – Similar-page-checker

From the world of uncreative tool naming comes “Similar-page-checker” allows you to see how closely your pages are similar to the pages of others. It scores you with a percentage on how similar your content is to another person’s.

2 – Plagium

This is a plagiarism detector that allows you to run duplication checks online. It is a tool that uses an algorithm to check the words on your website against the words on another website. If they match in a certain pattern (or a lot) then it will alert you to the possible duplication.

3 – Plagiarisma

Another tool with an uninspired name, this tool will check your content to see if it has been copied online. It is good at checking files other than web pages, such as documents files.

4 – Duplicate-content

This will show you any issues it thinks you have with duplication and runs a duplication analysis. It shows you corrections and penalties for copying.

duplicate content checker tools

5 – Articlechecker

This is another web paged duplication checker that focuses on large chunks of text. It runs a duplication check by searching for similar content line by line. You can scan a page of your website and see if anyone has copied it.

6 – Dupefreepro

This is a plagiarism checker that will highlight if your website has any duplicate content or not. You run the duplicate checker and if another website has similar content to you then it will tell you and give you an idea of how much has been copied.

7 – The Google search engine itself

This can check your content for you, just copy and paste a line or two into the search engine. You may get numerous results so try putting portions in quotation marks. You can check every three or four lines to see if another person has copied you.

8 – Copyscape

This tool will allow you to check your website for plagiarism. You can run five free searches online to check to see if your web pages have been copied online by someone else. This tool also comes with other features. You can copy and paste some text into a box and run a check to see if it has been copied online. Or you can run a check on numerous documents to see if it has been copied. You can also set up a copySentry to alert you if your web content has suddenly been copied by another person.

9 – The Yahoo/Bing search engine itself

You can do with Yahoo/Bing what you can do with Google. Every few lines you can take a bit of text and put it into the search engine. If you pick parts of the text that do not have punctuation then you may have more luck. If your words have been coped verbatim, then there is a chance that a search engine will show you it.

10 – Duplichecker

This is actually a free tool that you can use to avoid a bit of plagiarism. You can check your web content with that of other websites. The limitation with this is that the website and web content has to have been crawled by Google, although this is the case with a lot of plagiarism tools.

Hope you all like my duplicate content checker tools post i wish to receive your comments below.


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